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Passionate About Pizza

I started off washing dishes and rolling dough balls at a little pizza restaurant in Largo, FL when I was 14 years old. From there, I worked my way through the different positions in the restaurant industry, both in the kitchen and dining room, through the end of college. After college, I moved to South Florida to work in the hotel industry, managing restaurants in luxury hotels. Although I enjoyed my time down there, I always dreamed of coming back home to the Tampa Bay area. When the opportunity arose for my family to move north, we took it. My wife and I sold our house, quit our jobs, and headed north to re-settle our family and start a restaurant in Tampa Bay.

We are passionate about food. It's been a way of life, coming from a big Italian family that doesn't hesitate to spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking for a big family dinner. My dad taught me how to appreciate the art of cooking food from scratch. We spent many Sundays in the kitchen hovering over a giant pot of simmering tomato sauce that was full of all of our favorite things: meatballs, sausage and pork chops. Every so often we would dunk some crusty Italian bread in the pot to see how the sauce was coming along. Those are some of my favorite memories that I hope to share with my sons as they get older.

Madison Avenue Pizza is a culmination of all of the things that I have experienced growing up in an Italian family and working in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. We cook things the old fashioned way, using only the freshest ingredients possible and making everything we can from scratch in our kitchen. We don't have giant coolers and freezers full of products, we bring ingredients in through the week as we need them.

The entire Ferraro family thanks for your patronage and support. From me and my wife, Jackie, and my sons, John and Ryan, to my father, John, and my sister Giannina and brother in law, Corey, we all hope that you enjoy our homemade food, and we look forward to serving you when you come visit us.

Thank You,

Sean Ferraro


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